Oxygenated Face Lift System

Contains: Kit

Independent Clinical Studies Showed:

  • 78% Improvement in 5 days for acne skin conditions
  • 56% Decrease in pore size within 14 days
  • 33% Increase of collagen production in 30 days
  • 43% Decrease in puffy eyes (due to fluid retention)
  • 48% Reduction in wrinkle depth (12 weeks)
  • 92% of subjects experienced immediate lift response
Here are some more benefits of using Oxylift ™:
  • Although you receive instant results, the benefits are accumulative so you will have long term positive effects.
  • The cells are rejuvenated and regenerated.
  • Collagen is what produces stronger skin. Stronger skin resists wrinkles and sagging.
  • The enriched oxygen doesn't allow for bacteria which is why Oxylift™ is so effective for acne.
  • O3 neutralizes the pollutants out of the skin which are causing our skin to age 10 years faster.
  • O3 kills the bacteria and changes the molecular structure of our skin care products so they actually penetrate the skin better and can work from the inside out while Oxylift™ works from the outside in.
  • Oxylift™ eliminates the doughy, tired look through a retexturing effect giving your skin the porcelain look.
  • Men's skin is 1/3 thicker which is why a man of 50 will inevitably look younger than a woman of 50. Thin skin can't defend itself from bacteria, pollutants and aging. Many anti-aging products and techniques are actually thinning the skin.
  • The Oxylift™ strengthens the skin and as it has memory, it becomes stronger and therefore more resistant to wrinkles every day.
The electronics within the OxyLift generate tiny pulses of electricity (static electricity). Whenever static electricity passes through air, it ionizes the air. This provides an active environment for your moisturizer to work.

The OxyLift also produces enriched oxygen (ozone) through this process of "jumping electricity", but at a safe and beneficial level. The ozone helps to purify the skin and is unlike the "bad" ozone in the air. Ozone in this application reverts itself back to oxygen in a few seconds. Ozone will help almost any skin lesion, from acne to burns, after waxing procedures, cold sores, etc. to heal quickly and restore the skin's health.

This natural holistic enriched oxygen will also change the surface tension of any skin care product to ease deep tissue delivery.

The OxyLift uses the orange-red argon gas inside the glass chamber since the orange glow can give increased benefit to the underlying cells. Cells can absorb orange-red which increases their regeneration. This helps the skin to increase collagen production and cell renewal is key to regeneration. The cell regeneration will rebuild the skin from the inside out, faster than the skin can deteriorate.

Quality ozone is an allotropic, triatomic form of oxygen. More simply, ozone can be called super-charged oxygen and is nature's way of solving the problem of air pollution. The smell after a thunderstorm or in a rain forest near a waterfall is often (in part) due to ozone. Ozone is used especially in disinfection and deodorization and in oxidation and bleaching. It reacts to oxidize unpleasant odors and to kill bacteria and germs. Ozone occurs when an electrical charge molecularity disassociates a stable molecule (O2) and splits them apart leaving two unstable atoms of oxygen. Seeking stability, these atoms attach to other oxygen molecules creating ozone (O3).

This third oxygen atom is loosely attached or 'unstable' and can easily separate from the ozone molecule to combine with other substances thereby readily decomposing or changing into other compounds.