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Oxygenated Face Lift System (OXYLIFT CANADA)
Oxygenated Face Lift System
Reduction in wrinkle depth
Improvement in acne skin conditions in 5 days
Increase in Collagen
Reduction in puffiness around eyes

MesoCopper Skin Conditioner (PUREST COLLOIDS)
"Its like the fountain of youth in a bottle"
Promotes appearance of smoother and softer skin
Reportedly rejuvenates collagen and elastin
Helps to minimizes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Topical application reduces age spots

"Its like the fountain of youth in a bottle"
Improve the elastic fiber in skin
Increase skin flexibility, and act as an anti-wrinkle treatment
Copper is an essential trace mineral
Improves collagen and elastin

Tamanu Oil (Hedd Wynn Essentials)
Reportedly the Ultimate in skin cell rejuvenation
Powerful antioxidant properties inhibit oxidative damage to the skin
Works rapidly to eliminate fine lines and plumps skin
Use after bathing to moisturize and protect skin
Can also be used on your pets to heal skin disorders and wounds